Neighborhood connections

Google Groups
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**You will need to ask a current Nextdoor member to invite you to this Indianapolis neighborhood group page. All CHNA board members are on Nextdoor, email us and ask for an invite.

Nearby community Connections

Chatham Arch

Near Eastside Notes
Woodruff Place
Windsor Park
Holy Cross
St. Clair Place

Indianapolis Connections

Indianapolis Downtown Inc.
Visit Indy
Discover Mass Ave.
Cultural Trail
City of Indianapolis
Indy Parks
Historic Urban Neighborhoods of Indianapolis (HUNI)
Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC)

Neighborhood Businesses**

AAA Roofing Company, Inc. (910 N Highland Ave.)
Cannon IV (950 N Dorman St.)
Dorman Street Saloon (901 N Dorman St.)
Growing Places Indy (504 North Oriental St.)
Heath Outdoor, LLC (1109 E 9th St.)

Heritage Photo & Research Services (716 Dorman St.)
Hoosier Security (1125 E Brookside Ave)
Indiana Album (716 Dorman St.)
Indy Mod Homes (1150 E. 10th St.)

Marian, Inc. (1011 E St. Clair St.)
P-M & Associates (1203 E St. Clair St.)
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Neighbor’s Websites**

Brian Deer
Mary Jane Moriarty
Eric Nordgulen
Aaron Cashin 
**If you would like your name and website added to this list, please email:

Area Schools

Indianapolis Public Schools

Oaks Acadamy
Holy Cross
Herron High School