The Cottage Home Neighborhood Association spent years raising funds to build a shelter in our community space.  Now that we have a beautiful structure and park within our urban community, we would love to
share it!  The community space and shelter is open to the public, but can be rented out for private events.

Shelter Rental Fee Schedule (effective May 1, 2015)

Fee Categories CHNA Member Rate Non-Member Rate
1-25 People $50 $70
26-75 People $100 $150
76-150 People $200 $250
Security Deposit $100 $200

Alcohol Service Fee (non-refundable) (applies to any renter serving alcohol) = $100

Charity/Non-Profit Discount

A CHNA member, in good standing, may petition the CHNA board for a 50% member discount privilege use.  This discount only applies to the rental rate and does not apply to the Security Deposit or Alcohol Service Fee.  This discount only applies to gatherings conducted for charitable, non-profit, or arts programs.  Granting of the privilege petition is at the sole discretion of the CHNA board.

The CHNA community space rental agreement can be found here: CHNA Shelter Rental Agreement

If you are interested in renting the space, check our calendar for availability.  The calendar will list “Private Community Space Event” if that date is already reserved.

If you have any questions about renting the community space, please contact us at:
Cottage Home Neighborhood Association
714 N. Highland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202