The Cottage Home neighborhood is a Conservation District, which means homes/businesses are required to follow guidelines put in place by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission (IHPC). All exterior improvements must be supported by the Cottage Home Conservation Area Plan. If you have any questions about the plan or an exterior project you are planning to undertake, please contact Andy Beck (Chairman of our Conservation Committee).

See the complete plan here: CH Conservation Plan


Cottage Home is a historic neighborhood on the near-northeast side of Indianapolis in Center Township. It is primarily a residential neighborhood with some light-industrial, retail, and special uses.

The Cottage Home area was platted between 1865 and 1868 as the Hanna’s Heirs’ Addition and the Davidson’s Heirs’ Second Addition. It generally follows the typical grid-layout of Indianapolis, with the exception of several parcels adjacent to Pogue’s Run.

Cottage Home is both historically and architecturally significant to Indianapolis – Marion County. The area contains an excellent collection of vernacular dwellings reflective of late-nineteenth century workers’ housing. Additionally, a unique collection of residential structures designed by the local architectural firm of Vonnegut and Bohn survive.

German, Irish, and African-American families made their home in the Cottage Home area, finding employment at nearby businesses such as the Black Flour Mill, the Adams and Raymond Veneer Works, and the Ruskaup Grocery and Tavern. Others worked for the Bellefountain “Bee Line” Railway and at the Highland Car Barn.

Cottage Home has long been identified by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission and its staff as an area of local historical significance. A portion of the neighborhood was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. In 1995, an expanded district was listed in the State Register of Historic Places. Additionally, the IHPC has already designated the Ruskaup-Ratcliffe House and Store at 711 and 715 North Dorman Street as an individual site.

This conservation area plan replaces the previously adopted interim plan, HA-36 (CH); it has been prepared in accordance with the State Statute IC 36-7-11.1 that establishes and empowers the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission. After the approval of this plan by the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission and its adoption by the Metropolitan Development Commission as part of the Marion County Comprehensive Plan, the provisions and requirements of IC 36-7-11.1 and this plan apply to all property and structures within the delineated area.