Our Mission Statement:

The Cottage Home Neighborhood Association cultivates and perpetuates community and its historical and natural environment through shared volunteer efforts to benefit the people of Cottage Home and Indianapolis.

Cottage Home Neighborhood Association, a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) group, was formed in 1984 and remains as one of the city’s most active neighborhood groups. There are many projects to be done each and every year to maintain and improve the neighborhood, beyond what the city can provide.  The association helps organize fundraisers (such as Block Party and Home & Garden Tour) and volunteers to complete these projects.  Projects through the years have included:


  • construction of the neighborhood community space/playground
  • construction of the community space shelter
  • applied/received monetary grants to improve community space/shelter
  • moving houses to save them from demolition
  • educating residents about restoration
  • purchasing vacant lots
  • hosting the Cottage Home Block Party and Home & Garden Tour
  • conducting oral histories with long-term residents
  • changing the zoning from industrial to residential
  • crime watch and neighborhood clean-ups
  • bi-monthly meetings
  • and much more

The Cottage Home Neighborhood Association is guided by a board of trustees comprised of seven to eleven volunteers who serve one year terms. They have the ultimate responsibility for the business and affairs of the Association. These board members are elected by the general membership at the annual meeting in December. As with all nonprofit board positions, they serve without pay…giving time and talents to make the neighborhood a better place to live, work and play. Board members may serve a maximum of six consecutive terms.

Any candidate for the board must be an active member (see Membership page for details) of the association prior to his/her election. To vote during the annual meeting, you must be a member at least 30 days before the election in December.

See Cottage Home Neighborhood Association By-Laws for all rules/regulations of the Neighborhood Association.

2017 Board Members

Crystal Rehder,  President
Nancy Bain, Vice President
Jessica Teipen,  Secretary
Charlie Turk,  Treasurer

Board of Directors
Andy Beck
Martin Coleman
Amy Gastelum
Scott Moore,
Bob Renaker
Cheryl Rettig

For more information about Cottage Home Neighborhood Association:

Cottage Home Neighborhood Association
714 N. Highland Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202