Cottage Home Neighborhood Association

Cottage Home Neighborhood Association, a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) group, was formed in 1984 and remains as one of the city's most active neighborhood groups. There are many projects to be done each and every year to maintain and improve the neighborhood, beyond what the city can provide. Under the guidance of several chaired committees, the association helps manage fundraising and execution of projects and events, maintaining green spaces, welcoming new neighbors to the neighborhood, soliciting for and managing the membership process, keeping residents informed, maintaining the integrity of the preservation plan, and more.

Our Mission

The Cottage Home Neighborhood Association cultivates and perpetuates community and its historical and natural environment through shared volunteer efforts to benefit the people of Cottage Home and Indianapolis.

Our Board

The Cottage Home Neighborhood Association is headed by four officers and 7 trustees. Each of these board members chair at least one committee and volunteer hundreds of hours each year organizing the association's funding and activities. These board members are elected by the general membership at the annual meeting in December and may serve a maximum of six consecutive terms.See who is currently on the board.

Board of Directors

President: Crystal Rehder

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Vice President: Nancy Bain

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Secretary: Jess Teipen

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Treasurer: Charlie Turk

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Board of Trustees

Trustee: Andy Beck

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Trustee: Martin Coleman

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Trustee: Heath Hurst

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Trustee: Amy Gastelum

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Trustee: Robert Renaker

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Trustee: Scott Moore

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Trustee: Cheryl Rettig

Cheryl moved into Cottage Home in 2014. She became the CHNA Communication Committee chair in 2017 and will be up for re-election for 2018.

Our Projects

The Cottage Home Neighborhood Association is always looking for ways to maintain and improve the neighborhood and surrounding communities. We have take on many projects over the years that have added a charm to our little patch of downtown Indy that is thanks to the hard work of volunteers and generous giving by donors.

Past Projects

  • construction of the neighborhood community space/playground
  • construction of the community space shelter
  • applied/received monetary grants to improve community space/shelter
  • moving houses to save them from demolition
  • educating residents about restoration
  • purchasing vacant lots
  • hosting the Cottage Home Block Party and Home & Garden Tour
  • conducting oral histories with long-term residents
  • changing the zoning from industrial to residential
  • crime watch and neighborhood clean-ups
  • bi-monthly meetings
  • and much more

Wish List Projects

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